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10 July 2006

Youth Day & Sunday

Hello world! This is gna be a really long one. I love to blogbinge, remember? Shall we go according to dates? Or "lightest" topic to the not so light ones? Hmm.

Choosing the latter. Here goes.

Youth Day! Girls (day) out with Naz, Dirah and J! Life w/o a phone is COMPLETE misery. Public phones are such a rare sight. It's times like this do you realise the importance of gut instincts. Quite sad, isn't it?

Met the gorgeous ones at Dhoby Gaut, and made our way to Clarke Quay! It was so fuckin' hot. I swear, I thought I was gna melt anytime soon. Seriously. The heat was incredible. There was sweat in between my shades thingy. Wah cow. HOT.

And to think that I used to train under such conditions a million times over (read: NP). Lol.

Dropped by the AIR CONDITIONED toilet.

And spent years hibernating inside. Vain girls, yah okay, got it.

Studied at Dirah's mom's shop, which was actually pretty conducive! It is after all a "night life" area, so during the days, it's pretty calm. While walking there, we took an especially long detour about the place. Hooters! Eh Mud, the girls there aren't that hot y'know. Let down sia.

Saw her Dad too. It's true. He does remind me of Mr Ronnie Goh! The mannerisms, etc. LOL.

Had FREE lunch. (Cheapos.)

Settled down and my god. That freaking box hates me. I've no idea what I've done to it. See, I was standing on the chair, to adjust the fan mounted on the wall. While standing up, my back hit the the sharp end of the box. It hurt like fuck. It bled okay. The scar's still there.

Made fantastic love with Longman's Chemistry for a couple of hours. AHHH.. Sweet love..

Went over to 7-11 and bought chocolates! Chocs=endorphins=happy us=happy us studying! See? Works well, so whyth not! Again, the Cheapos bought the Van Houtten bar which was on offer at a buck. Cravings. Ugh. Post menstrual isn't any better. (I'm pretty sure I'm just using that as an excuse.)

About six? Walked around some more. The view's pretty amazing. It's beautiful, really. The whole atmosphere. By the river.. People talking, chilling out with everything at ease. The sky, hinting it's true beauty. Boats passing by, bobbing up and down in a hypnotising rhythm. Little kids running around, squealing which was, at that point, music to the ears. Everyone was smiling, it really was an amazing feeling. "At peace".

It's baffling to note how things appear so very different, according to your moods. The power of the mind. The way you look at things..

Lit unseen today! Mrs Peh was quite funny. She was talking about how the great poets either end up mental or commit suicide. Lol. According to her, they're too idealistic. So they see the world as a very bitter place. And end up being very unhappy. But at the same time, being so brilliant writing their "dark" pieces.

The power of thinking without thinking! Okay, sorry. Random. Reading Malcolm Maxwell, currently. Naz' dad's. Heh. Blink! I think I'll end up buying the book.

We had lots of fun. Sight seeing and stuff. Cos it's a "new" place. Not one we're familiar with. Which makes the "wow-factor" go ten times higher. (:

(I've got pics to put up. But evidently, after enough trys, the computer is in no mood to be kind and co-operate with me. Instead, it chooses to be a huge pain. So yeah. Pics another time time yeah! And you know what's worse, is that I've edited some of these pics on Paint, fro the first time evaaa yo! And I can't put it up. SIGH.)

The entire week, school was okay. Mundane, even sometimes? Alright, overall. Stocking up on mints. To keep me from falling asleep. It helps, really. Sorry Novabelle.

Sunday. Tuition after a month. Heh. Mr Alwi and his antics. At least now I won't have to go to and go back from tuition alone. So that's cool. Did MOLES. Dirah and I were just talking about how dumb Chemistry is. Compared to Physics, or even as a subject on its own. Chemistry. The bane of my life. *rolls eyes*

So after about two and a half hours, Zai and I trooped over to Mud's. Walked in the rain. ): Welcome frizz shizz. Found the three of them watching tv. Boringzz manxzx. (Noooooo. LOL) Relak jack-ed around. (Mud's term.) Mariam left, to have steamboat dinner with her fam, cos we kinda decided against going to Mud's condo? Yup.

Mud and Najib walked her halfway. Came back. And Najib was rather disappointed that we didn't end up going to Clearwater, so the four of us ended up cabbing there!

It was nice man. Najib's third time, the first for us two. Wah. Effing nice. Felt so "jakun". His parents were there! Imagine, my horror when I saw the two pairs of shoes by the door! (I'm kinda scared of his dad. Sho sherious! MP, duh. Felt a bit. I dont know. Like scrutinized, kinda? Hahah.) His mum was warm and inviting, as usual.

The view from the hall was amazing. (Penthouse, yo!) But the view from Mud's room was better! Especially when it's dark, and you can see the street lamps reflected on the reservoir.. It really was very pretty. <3>

Hid inside the room upstairs to watch more tv. Hah. Us boring people. I slept through most parts of Pirates of the Carribean. LOL. Ordered KFC, to not get the food two and a half hours later, cos the delivery guy got into an accident! Omg. How suay is that. ): Poor guy.

Mud rang up KFC, dadidada. The food was in a terrible state (meaning the box tore), when this Indian bloke brought it up and told us the news. So in the end, we only got our food come 9.30 plus minus.

We were starving. Ended up eating random weird stuff we could find in the fridge. Like a 2 year expired bar of Cadbury! Yeah, we ate it and I'm still standing, so all's cool. Hunger got the better of us lah.

The boys were waiting and waiting and waiting for the bloody food to arrive. To such an extent, that Mud stood outside, by the lift shouting in whenever the lift would pass the 11th floor for example, with such excitement cos it could be our food! We were on the 16th. LOL.

Ate, chilled a bit, and by about 10.30 we were out! Mud was being such a paraniod, ensuring all the lights/fans were switched off..etc..

Got back, took a quick shower and hit the sack man!

//the whole chunk was written on Monday night, if I'm not wrong. I saved it under "draft" cos Blogger refuses to let me upload pics. And oh hell. It's fuggin' annoying. //

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