Red Hot Passion
11 August 2006

Come sail my way

[Fairuz' answers the thingy Clara did for me too!]

reply to this post and i will do this for you!

1. I'll respond with something random about you
2. I'll challenge you to try something
3. I'll pick a colour that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I'll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog

1. everytime i go to tampines, i get reminded of you! HAHAHA.
2. confess to mr sng you have like a major huge ass crush on him! [I dont quite anymore lah! You've inspired me to stop stupid useless stuff like that. Really. Okay, maybe a bit still.]
3. purple!
4. i like that you speak what's on your mind without being tactless
5. um, hoobastank concert and then you were begging me to go take a train to tampines to accompany you cos you were scared! HAHA, remember?! [Actually no. I don't rmb that. But I rmb that you wore a pink mini and this black top Clara (Lee) liked cos she asked where you bought it from and you said Topshop. Haha. Why! Do I rmb stupid things like that. And not Maths formulas/lae wtv.]
6. cat!
7. wth do you see in mr sng?! hahaha. [excuse me. WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU SEE IN MR CHAN!]


Hello. Today. (: I'm telling you, I can butt my ass. Omg what!? I mean bet my ass (not that it's gna be up for bidding anytime soon) that I was gna get that friggin' C6. Man, that was some scary shit when Cikgu was announcing how many students got what grade outside the hall.

Eh, you know 1/3 of our class got A1s! Haha. Congrats, you guys. (: Siti, Naz, Shara, Azy! Woohoo! Smarty pants, eat shit. Lol.

Me? Oh no. Me no get a 1. ): Haha. I got a B3. Which I know, I shouldnt be so happy about cos like you know. Hello, a third of my class got 1s. (Btw, it's only a class of 12.) But nevertheless, I'm thankful. So uber grateful, that when I read the list, and saw a "D", then read again, saw the "3" and went "OMG. Cikgu, I got b3 is it!!!" and she said "Yah yah, sign here, quick", I was so relieved I shed tears and my hand was shaking like fuck cos I was yeah. Overwhelmed.

The "D" was for oral. Which stood for Distinction. :D Can you fuckin' believe that! Cos I couldnt! I was totally thinking of a D7 cos it didnt exactly register then that nobody got a 7. Lol.

But then, I started thinking. I mean, I'm not proud to say this, (or showing off, whichever way you choose to take it), but I didnt put in effort for the paper. As in I totally did not prepare for it. It got to such a bad extent, (my karangans? The left margin would be littered with like SIX "B"s, for Bahasa which would mean grammar/tense. Yes. Such basics.), that I really couldnt care less about Malay, thinking smugly and very stupidly may I add, to myself that "no, I wont be counting it anyways".

Oh, I got the lowest for mid years. A friggin 50, which is a bloody 6. Another reason why I was so sure I'd get a C6/D7 for Os just now.

Back to the point. What I'm trying to say is, I kinda do feel like I dont deserve this grade? I mean, I know of other people who really work their asses off, doing every single work Cikgu kept shoving down our throats, all the practice papers, the compos, etc. It's plain to see that they put in a lot of effort. And I'm there not doing a single damn thing, I didnt even do one practice paper, completing instead all the E/A Maths hw during Malay class or trying (sucessfully) to distract Cigku and really stupid things like that.

Then again, who are we to say who deserves what? Karma, perhaps. I mean, this is totally fate working here. (Lit today. Hee.) Higher powers. But seriously. It's funny how things work out sometimes. And then, we'd move on to the topic of complacency. Which would of course then be the downfall... (SS; Venice) Though if we doubt ourselves too much, being humble, it'd proceed on to esteem issues.. Which would cause our fall too... Ahh. Lovely cycles. Dont we love them?

Okay. I'm done talking about that.

After school, was my O Level English Oral Examination. Whoa, I know. It's like I slapped some cow and she slapped me back one for the right, and one for the left cheek. Hard. Without giving me a chance to recover from the first one!

But all was good. (: Haha. The general topic was Famous People/Celebrities. Ha! Ha! *sniggers* Now I can say that all the money/time wasted pouring over silly magazines and websites came in handy! It was so fun talking about it! As weird as it sounds. And I kinda took that Mr Ang (?)'s advice to treat them like our friends. So it was a jolly good conversation! Lol.

Mr Quail(?) was really nice. He responded well and paid close attention when I was speaking. I kinda miss that; people paying proper attention to what I say. Though I know Fairuz would probably just go "Wah. Huda. Damn merepek ah". Haha. But it's nice. Being listened to like that. Although I know full well that I listen only to what and when I want to which is both good and bad.

Huiyun was telling me all about how Lock and her were talking about the easiest way to get my attention. Which is to pretend that they're talking about me and insert my name suspiciously in their coversation and in a second I'd turn around and say "Yes! I heard my name! You were talking about MEEEEEEE!" *accusing stare*. And there you go. You've got my attention. Hah.

Oh, that was during lunch, at El Jay's (<- sp. yeah baby), where we happened to bump into Siti and Nuzie! (: I love all this little little spur of the moment things. Spontaniety. Kicks. Ass. Haha, right Natasha? Rmb that online conversation we had ages ago?

Anw, so after that headed for tuition. And guess who was there to make me feel EVEN better!? There seated, doing his work diligently, was this cute guy. AND. There was an empty space beside him! Unbelievable man. Haha. Though he left not long later. But still. Funkeh.

Okay. Bye guys! :D And NO OKAY. I am not uber happy and red during those lessons! *makes a face*

May the Winds of Fate blow it smoothly, rightly, and on course. This way please.

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