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13 August 2006

Fireworks Frenzy

Hello everyone! It's 2.23 on a Sunday morning! ^5 Lock. It's really stupid eh, the things we do. Like being on the computer in the wee hours!

So today was a pretty nice day. (read:slack, no revision done) Woke up abt 11+, had some breakfast, which is a cup of good hot milo, and headed for the computer. I know! I suck, right!

After that, attempted to do some work, but failed. Was too distracted by the teevee! Also, caught Napoleon Dynamite which is such a stupid, boring show. I dont know why it was quite big in the States. I slept halfway, woke up and it still wasnt interesting enough. Ew. Such a disappointment, Naz!

Fairuz called sometime in between the show (thankfully cos it really bored me. See, I was giving it a chance. Going "No no, give it just 5 more mins and it'd be better", etc) to ask if I was gna go see fireworks! Initial plan was us three again, but Chan's not feeling too well.

Met Tasha and Fairuz at Cityhall and we trooped over to Esplanade. I know what you're thinking! "EH? Huda a bit extra right?" Butttttt they promised not to make me feel out and when I went "EH no! So extra!" when they asked me along, they just went "Huda, what rubbish! We're in the same Malay class what!". So I thought why not! Going out in new different groups shd be interesting!

We crossed the roads illegally. I was so scared! Seriously. The two of them are just mad lah. Note: Dont jaywalk with them cos you may just die. AND WHAT IF MY HEEL GOT CAUGHT IN THAT TAPE THING WHEN WE CROSSED.

It was a terrible crowd. What more, since it's the last display! It was jam packed. Really gross. In the MRT, on the way there was bad bad bad. It was really really gross and bad and puke-worthy I tell ya.

We saw a Cedar teacher! But we dont know her name! We were sorta trying to get away from her!

Blahblahblah! We totally squeezed through anyone and everyone and sat down in the midst of the super terrible sea of people seated. It was a case of inconsiderate ladies lying down on the floor while we're there trying desperately to find a spot to sit, smelly boys with bad B.O, kiasu families and irritating stupid people behind us who were making irritating stupid noise. (repetition for a reason!)

When the fireworks finally started, I was again, in awe. They're so pretty! Pretty pretty fireworks! But music-wise, I thought the arrangement of last week's was better.

We were talking about how it kinda felt like the end of the world. With the blasting of the majestic display of fireworks and the accompanying music. Like Armageddon. Don't ask. It just kinda felt that way.

After that, walked about to get food, decided to go to Marina but decided against it when we saw how bad the human jam was to get there! People looked like ants littered on the steps of Marina from where we stood! Settled for kaya toast and a cup of hot horlicks! Hot Horlicks for Huda. Hee. (<- Lock, this is your influence, I believe!)

Tasha went off to meet some ex-Cedarians. So Fairuz and I sat at Mrs Fields. OMG. A super duper weird thing happened! Hah. lazy to elaborate. But it was super weird lah!

OHH! The bunch of ex-Cedarians Tasha met included M. Jieying! Saw them later and "Hi!"s and waves were exchanged. Now, I'll just have to bump into M. Emmalyne to make it complete! (:

Took bus home again! Haha. Fairuz doesnt much like trains. Go figure. Listened to her NEW NANO and kinda thought of a lot of things. Now here, the term "brain bursting" seems fitting. Sigh.

Okay then, here are a few videos produced by Cedarians! School pride, my friends. School pride.

This is the video for the school's NDP celebrations!

And here's of the Leader's Investiture earlier this year!

This one here's by Kar Mun's group, 4N, who made this for the CE project. It made me cry. It made many cry. It's about losing a best friend. It's really touching. See it for yourself.

Sad, yeah? I cried buckets the first time I saw it. Sigh. Makes you wonder about how it'd be like in real life. If you were to lose a great friend.

Alright then, good morning everyone. I'm really ready to hit my lovely lovely bed now! It seems even more inviting cos my mum just changed the sheets! And yes! There happens to be a lot of exclamation marks in this entry! Why! Haha! Bye! :D

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