Red Hot Passion
21 August 2006

"Trashy" books teach too

Hey everyone.

You know what Nuzie, I should have done what you asked me to do a million years ago. Remember how you gave me the whole of June to get it over and done with? Well, did I listen? Hell no. But well. I'm much happier now. Hah. Even if you dont understand, it's okay. And if you do, keep it to yourself yeah? Thanks. (:

So I'm supposed to be studying my friggin' ass off. Right? Well, since I got back, All I've done is watch Totally Spies (OMG. My secret's out. I love Clover, btw. She's so cute.) and read a book, which isnt a lit text. WHICH REMINDS ME. Omg. Mrs Foo's gna give us that quiz thingy tmr. Gah.

-sidetrack- Daphne Loves Derby is pretty good. Hmm.

OMG. We did something incredibly stupid today. So it was during Malay that J came up with this brilliant idea.

The second the last bell rung, the three of us got up, salam-ed the Chicks, and ran for the school gates! We've not even worn our shoes properly! We were supppose to beat the frickin sec ones and be the FIRST ones out of school! Failed. ): But hey at least we were Top 5!

Nuts I tell you. But it was so fun. We kept on giggling the whole way out! Like stupid little tykes who stole something from their mums' drawer and put it inside the toybox instead. I dont get the link either but whatever. But I cant deny. It was crazy fun. Even for those couple of minutes. :D

ANYWAY. I got myself shit dorky glasses. Degreeless duh. Excuse me. Shall I remind you again? 06/06P, thank you. But I dont know. Wanted something different. And you know my hair. God knows if I meddle with it what'd happen. It could possibly turn out worse than a bird's nest so yes. I'm limited. *rolls eyes*

The longest I've worn it is twenty minutes. How do you people survive the whole day in them?! It's fucking annoying and it hurts the back of my ears. Oh how I pity those little myopic kids. BUT IT'S CHANGE. And I'm starting to like change a lot. I do actually. We'll see. (:

Here's a really advanced HUGE hello to 2007. :D

Read that no one can make you feel intimidated without your permission. I'm honoured then. Cos many have given me the consent. :D Haha. Cool.

Hold on. *takes off dorky image* Omg. I'll never manage in them at this rate. :/

Sometimes, I do wonder actually. And I quote Faking 19,
"Why the promises I make to other people always become more important than the ones I make to myself?"
*shrugs* I lost half of me when I started falling into this bottomless pit, Failure, and cant seem to slowly crawl out of that fucking hole I dug myself since. Pathetic huh.

I guess I just cant handle it when things spiral out of control. Not that I dont have any say in it. I do. It's just taking that big leap that's the problem, you know? Yeah, they say start with baby steps. But when you venture out with such small shy steps, it's just as easy to step back again. You never did got far anyway right?

But if you take that BIG jump, you cant turn back. You're too far off.

So come fly with me. (: You're soaring, flying.. there's not a star in heaven that you cant reach..

Hush, you. So I like Disney Channel. High School Musical is POWER okay. Zac Efron's not bad too. I know you secretly love it! You think I dont know is it!?

Okay, I need to go fuck some books. Sounds so wrong. So let's try it again. I need to get intimate with my books. There. Better.


6:37 PM


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