Red Hot Passion
04 September 2006

Dermot Mulroney has a fine ass (;

I've always been a dreamer
I've had my head among the clouds
Now that I'm coming down
Won't you be my solid ground?

Pertaining to the above, if only some people were more merciful and considerate. But I love this song still. There's this thing about me. I get obsessed about things pretty quick. But it goes as fast as it comes? Kinda. Now that's cool. That's like covering a million and one topics in that one sentence! Sigh. I amaze even myself sometimes.

Well I mean you know. Except for BSB and Nick Carter. True love... But I've toned down A LOT hokay!

Anw, shall mention abt last Thursday. Teachers' Day Celebrations in school was pretty great. Loved the slides made by the Monitress Council. Our teachers are really cool man. Those quotes. Haha.

When you cross the deadline, it means you're dead. I don't talk to dead people - Mrs Foo

I remember that!

So the walking in with HOD of English *points above name* was alright. Safe for that teeny weeny fact that I missed my cue. And like hello. I attended TWO rehearsals. LOL.

Waiting for YEARS outside the hall was actually fun. Enlightening even! The teachers were really cute. Cos they were all excited and stuff.

Huda sees a rather dead Mrs Foo, suddenly not as chatty
H : Mrs Foo! you must be more enthu like the other teachers!
MF: Hm? You want enthu? OKAY! *super big fake cheerleader-esque smile*

And you know what she did! She went on to do jumping jacks! OMG. HAHA. Mrs Foo's great lah.

Anw, the quiz segment where we'd have to guess the teacher according to the given clue was really funny! Who'd have thought Mr Suresh was cool enough to grow his hair till it's halfway down his back for the first two years of uni, then go bald the next two! Our acting VP's too funkay yo. But seriously. Dont think anyone guessed it as him! I thought the collective gasp of shock when the last clue was given (He's famous for his one minute breaks) was quite loud!

(Since I was at the back of the hall near the teachers, after walking down the red carpet with the teachers and leading them to their seats, overheard Mr Suresh saying "Tsk. Must be you know. A trend setter. Cos after I grew my hair others started doing the same thing..." when some teacher asked him why he went bald.)

AND OMG MR YAU! Damn cool lah! See, when he was in Sec 1, he "tutored" a Sec 4 girl Lit. And you know what. He didnt even take Literature. OMG I KNOW.

Anw, it was cool. Hope Mrs Foo likes the heels 4c got her and the lovely Mrs Chew, the pair of Crocs! HAHA. Some think it's ugly (ME) but I think it's cute too. You know, adorable but ugly? It'll look cute on young and *cough* not so young people. My grandparents sported them when they came over to Singapore not too long ago.

And of course! The HUGE photo collage we made for both of them! :D Oh yeah. And those quail eggs we gave Mrs Chew too! Lol. Odd choice for a gift? Well, she is out Mother Hen! (: Yay. Mrs Chew is the BEST form teacher I've had these four years. That's gotta mean something.

Anw, after that caught The Devil Wears Prada with Naz in town. The movie's pretty cool. I mean the plot isnt amazing great or whatever. But hey, the lead's gorgeous, the fashion's great what more do ya want, you know? Haha. Damn superficial but ah. You dont watch this kinda movie expecting it to be all "deep" and "meaningful" right!

It's your typical chick flick with cooler clothes. And a not so "aww" inducing one at that. I mean, if you're gna compare it to Perfect Strangers or Wedding Date..


How we all camped out at Sophia's for New Year's! And we had that 8 hour long (or more?) movie marathon (Of course I couldnt last!) and when we watched The Wedding Date, when it was the scene after Kat got all drunk, withdrew A LOT of money to sleep with guy-hooker Nick, that morning after, when the camera cleverly skimmed his ass in this very artistic way that we'd only realise it was his butt much later when they scrolled up and us being the girls that we are, loving hot butts on hot guys and all, pressed rewind then PAUSED!

Gosh, I miss you squadmates. Wherefore art thou?

Done sidetracking. I think Anne Hathaway (sp?) is really pretty! Maybe kinda the typical, supposedly, big eyed, long lovely hair, tall, lushious lips, never ending legs kind. HAHA. Omg do I not make sense or what!

OHOHOH. We bought the tickets, and got this scratch and win thing. AND WE GOT A FIVE DOLLAR VOUCHER FOR BEN AND JERRY'S! Uber cool. It's totally me lah. I bring the luck honey! (;

So went down to B & J's after the movie. And got ourselves some pretty dang good ice cream!

Okay. So yup. Evidently, I didn't go back to OEPS. The first time in four years! Cos Fatmah and Shez weren't interested to go back since last year's turn out sucked. And also cos the boys, Jib and Mud cant make it.. So I guess you could say it was peer pressure! Hahaha.

But I also did kinda wna be the first few to catch The Devil Wears Prada. You know, if that wasn't the title, and not fashion oriented, I wouldnt have been so interested. But whatever. You need a healthy does of chick flicks every once in a while.

Anw. Friday was boring shit while Saturday on the other hand was packed to the max! Nicole came over in the morning. Then it was off to Mr Alwi's for the sciences. Next was catching up time with Mudd at Siglap. And THEN, met up with Mel!

The tuition was both fine. The catching up with Mudd was much needed. Been too long, dude! Najib Idiot couldnt come. (HAHAHAHA. God. WHY am I so sick!?) Even though we were just 5 minutes away from his house!

Went on to meet mel at Tamp where we shifted (just click and drop it baby! HAHA. Shit. I'm high.) to the airport to study! Why hello, T1 BK! (: Stayed on till like 12+ then took 27.

I realised that hey! The green tea (Hm. Not my favourite drink) and chocolate wrapper was the same colour as her tee! Yellow! Wow! Great discovery I know! AND THEN! I also realised that the pen I was using, and my pencil box, and the other chocolate wrapper AND my left hand nails were the same colour too! Maroon! HAHAHA. That was shit funny.

Oh we busted ten bucks on Ritter Sport Chocs. :X Will you shut up already! Lol.

Okay yah. caught Godsend with Mother Dearest last night. Constantly gave me chills. That boy really looks evil man! Like that movie! Omg what is it called! The 666 one. Dammit I cant rmb.

I'd put up nice pictures of our teachers and stuff. But darn it! I'm just too lazy and SO not in the mood for my computer rejecting me (not that I'm ever in the mood for that but you get what I mean).

CLICK! Come on now! Click the second title. We're leading ya'll! Haha. You dont really expect graph papers to appear on the list do you? Heh. Sorry. Just had to say that.

Huda out! (Damn. It deosnt have that nice ring to it like Ryan's. Hrmph.)

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