Red Hot Passion
11 September 2006


Today. Had Emaths paper one and SS. If it was me before today, I'd bet a hundred bucks I'd find the Emaths paper a friggin killer and that SS was alright. Pigs are flying. Cos it went the other way round.

LKC is so gna call me out in front of the whole level in the hall. I think it'd be better if I go fess up to her and plead for her mercy or smth. I'm sry lah! It was the first question I did and it didnt hit me that it's a causal question which is just damn BODOH I know. Oh well.

Perpetually annoyed today. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder how you put up with it! LOL. I'm this close to bursting. Haha. But no! We cannot be mean! Right?

Studied with the guys today. Cant say it was very productive like the other time at Siglap. But it was alright. It was fun tho. Hahah. I guess why I'm this relaxed is cos (a) For once I may just - Emaths! Which is the ultimate miracle. Haha. I dont wna jinx it! and (b) unlike many, I only have Geog paper tmr! *sticks out tongue* I feel sorry for those taking Pure Bio. Bet they're all on the verge of going insane like how I always was a few days before the Bio paper last time. :D

I think it's true. Hahah. Two words. Shut up! (: I'm loving this! :D Get over it already. It's getting old. *yawns


I dont know why, but most of the time when I wake up, I'd turn to my left then slowly open my eyes in that position with thoughts on how the day'd turn out. Usually that would take up 5-10 minutes depending on my mood. Then I'd look up, I already know what I'm gna be looking at but each time I look at it, it feels like it's the first time I'm looking at it? Yup.

And then I'd get shit scared I really do not wna think about it so I get up as quickly as I can, pull down the towel from the hanger (the hanger must drop. It's this weird habit lah) and head for the toilet hoping my brother did not beat me to it.

When I'm out of the toilet, changed into my school u and all, I'd make my way to my desk and start packing my bag.

Then I'd look up from my desk and yes. Get extremely shit scared again, I'd hurry with the packing so I dont have to see it anymore, rush to the kitchen, grab my socks, gulp down my mandatory cup of (burning) coffee along with these vitamin tablets my mum makes me take, kiss my mum goodbye, oh wait get money from her first then kiss her goodbye and rush down to the bus stop praying I'm not gna miss the last bus.


It will not happen. Right? Omg what if it does! I'll never forgive myself! Never. Which is why times like this, I really am thankful for all the encouragement from my great friends. (:

8:03 PM


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