Red Hot Passion
07 September 2006

Here I go bingeing!

Hey all. Been too preoccupied of late to steal some time off my zZzZ hours. BUT. Decided to make some sacrifice today. *belts out Creed

Do you know how much I love one on one time with my friends? My great friends especially. It's been great you guys. (:

So on Tuesday, it was Waffles and Physics with Jib at Siglap. I felt so stupid. I mean cos like I've already added songs to my phone it's just that I had no idea where they were! I know. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. So thank you Najib! Hahah. Technology and me... tsk.. sadly it's pretty much up in smoke.

When Najib went to the toilet! I got a really lovely phone call. You'd never guess who. Renny! To tell me that she has extra tickets for Wednesday's Idol show and whether I'd wna go! Like hell I won't go. :D

Haha. So thanks to her, decided to pull Niz along. Not that she really needed all that assistance, she practically served herself on a silver tray, complete with garnish and all, to me! LOL.

So she came over the next afternoon. She lied and said morning so I got up early, bathed, tidied up whatever I could only to receive her sms abt 9 saying she'll be over in the afternoon. W. T. H. If knives could be transported through the phone, she'd be six feet under by now.

We only left the house about 5? Which of course meant that we had to rush like crazy since Renny called me and specifically told me that since it's the mosh pit, I'd have to get there early.

Trained to Toa Payoh, ordered BK meals to be packed; on the go, since well, we had to be on the go and really, we were famished to forgo dunch and didnt feel up for a really late dinner...

Cabbed there. How that place brought back those memories of going there every once in a while to go for auditions the likes. A really long story. To cut it short, I was supposed to be on that Who Wants To Be A Millionare kids version but since I wasnt in the country Shez took my place along side Fatmah. Sucks right. But whatever. I did have fun baking Hari Raya goodies with my Mum/cousins/aunts. ):

Anyway yes, after a long process of getting in, being shooed here there everywhere, queueing up for the longest time ever, with stupid shitheads in front of us who pulled in another gazillion others, their friends and really just cut the queue like that. Hah. Well, we had our way, eventually when we cleverly snuck in before that whole pack of elephants. *rolls eyes*

And it was super cool. Cos there were empty seats at the balcony, we were allowed to sit there! So yay. I love karma. Dont you? (Haha. This is quite funny. Cos since we cut the queue, we should be given shit seats right! But ah. Karma obeys no timing. And thank god for that.)

I really couldnt hear half of what the judges said cos the screaming was too WHOA. I had to ask the girl beside us what they were saying a couple fo times, cos she can filter out the screams yo! Haha.

To be honest? I think Jasmine and Jonathan did better than Hady last night. But come on. A supporter is still a supporter. Hady was sooooooooo cute when he did that hip swaying thing! Yeah Lock! You were spot on! Besides, his second song was pretty darn good, me says!

And wow. I got really good renditions of two songs I love! First was Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars! Which reminds me of that particular day Fatmah and I could absolutely not stop singing that song!

And the second song, my god, it was a real treat to me. Jewel's Foolish Games! MAN OH MAN. Do you have any idea how much I love that song!? I mean it's my second favourite song from her, right behind Standing Still! And really. Jasmine was great last night. Both songs were really wow. I mean, both of us were really captivated by her performance! Haha. I actually kept quiet you know.

It was a great show last night. The Idols were for the most part really good. So yup. My first ever Singapore Idol show and it was a great one too! Sigh. What can I say? I'm the good luck. Heh.

So yeah. And there was this cute guy in front of us. Well, actually there was two, but I completely striked Second off after eavesdropping(!) his conversation for ten minutes. He was a total stranger yes, but so annoying! You know the "I'm really cool. Really. I am. *nods head earnestly*" kinda guy who tries too hard? Haha. Yeah.

But the other's the quiet brooding kind, very like Ryan Atwood from The O.C/Jensen Ackles in Supernatural, which is really sexy. HAHA. Wait.. This is supposed to be about HADY! *smacks head

Hady was kinda disappointing? I dont know. Well, he still has my vote (or rather voteS if we take it literally).


Took like a couple of hours long break cos I was just too lazt to continue! Man that sucks. Haha. I dont even have it in me to write out an entire entry.

Okay whatever. So after the whole thing, took 93 or was it 94, to Eunos and 28-ed home. My place that is. Slacked a bit, and suddenly I found myself at 2+ in the morning, still not changed and face still not bare (!!!) sprawled in this weird position in front of the tv. *roars of applause

Washed up and totally hit my bed. I've no idea why I was so tired! Haha. Well. *shrugs

Woke up about 8 today morning, took a bath, straightened up the house a little here and there, made a good cup of coffee (if I make it, it's always good.), sat down and tried a hand at some Physics. Not long later, Nicole called me to tell me that she's outside already. Haha. A bit weird right, but I guess she just doesnt wna knock.

The entire time Nicole was there, Aniszah was held hostage in my room! Haha. She woke up not long after we started the session, and her coughs and whatever the hell she was doing could be heard from outside! Haha. Silly poot. And she played songs very loudly too! Had half a mind to go in to tell her to quieten it down! But I was kinda lazy (again, that word resurfaces) to do that.

So it was the whole "Um, sorry. That's my friend making all that noise." One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was gushing about Hady and criticising Joakim. HAHA.

But it was rather productive. I've been putting quite a bit of time on Physics, especially for 4c. Remember that deal Mr Yau made with us? Man, I wouldnt wna be the cause of one session! So yup. Sry Ms Begum. Chemistry just aint my thang yo.

Anyways, yeah. We hung out and we both left my house about 2+. Headed for Cik Ayu's for Maths and she went on to meet her friend.

random- At some angles, my nose looks shit crooked, it's worse than a witch's. And that is sad. ):

Okay yup. After Cik Ayu's, went on to have dinner with Mel. Was supposed to study. But ah. We just werent in the mood. So left straight after dinner.

And you! Thanks for calling me! You know, if you didnt, like I said, I'd be darn insulted and fuming man! What's worse is if you'd called that other person. Let's not even go there. But yup. Cool. Flattering right! Dont lie ah you!

Sigh. That was TIRING. Shit. How. My blog cannot die just like that! How! Nonono. I can do this still.

Mm yup.

Oh YEAH. How could I forget. I dont know how I left this out. But I'm saying it now, so shut up.

Last Thursday, Teachers' Day celebrations in school? There was quite a bit of drama early in the fuggin' morning. Read on..

See, it was raining really heavily. Fairuz happened to board the same bus as me, and we're both umbrella-less which is just perfect. We got offered, but ah, she refused to take up on it cos -. So we ended up staying put at the bus stop for a good long while. Turns out, J and Dirah were stuck at the opposite bus stop. (They're North people, Fairuz and I are Easties baybeh!)

Considered flagging a cab, then U-turning in to pick up J and Dirah, but, as always, when you need a cab, there isn't any. After contemplating (and have not yet decided what to do) Fairuz suddenly shouted "NOW! Huda now!" and we dashed acrossed the road; it was green. Both of us are totally against running/walking in the rain. Cos either way, it's still quite a walk to school and no way hosay are we gna get drenched!

So know what we did?

We took shelter at that bank/building thing with the Juice Station. We sat on this latch thingy staring at the rain. I called Mrs Chew telling her we'd be late and so would twenty other Cedarians cos we're all without umbrellas and stuck at the bus stops and there's no way we're gna get all soaked cos that's just disgusting. And she said "Okay". Mrs Chew is beyond amazing lah. She picked up by like the second ring! Love!

So we sat there and listened to her Ipod, still staring at rain. Then guess what. I got a call from Dirah to tell me - and I'm going "Great! Brilliant! More drama!". J and Dirah decided to run over to us. So then!

Ms Poon's car stopped beside the building/bank place and Fairuz' phone was buzzing (at first she was all - about it) cos Nada's calling cos she's inside the car with one other girl. So the four of us, squeezed in with that other Cedarian at the back seat. WOW. Haha.

I thought that was about it for the morning man. It's as eventful as events go about early in the morning on the way to school please. But nope. It doesnt end there.

We were talking lah, trying to be as considerate, and soft as possible, when suddenly! BANG! THUD. BANG. Whoa.

There was suddenly a black car in front of that narrow road, so Ms Poon braked, and there happened to be another black car behind us. So yeah. Ms Poon said - then went out to check the damage. We got quite freaked out cos you know, it's not just any teacher we all know - , so we got really quiet, with the occasional whispers of "ohmygod *eyes go wide".

She was really quite calm actually when she told us that her bumper's a gonner cos the person's front bumper's stronger than her back bumper, etc. Bump bump bump!

So yeah. That was Drama in the Morning, for ya. This is really quite the gross entry cos it's a hundred pages long! LOL. Congrats you're nearing the end! Yay for you!


It's official. I'm hooked to Polar's Frutee Cranberry drink. It's good man. $1.60 per pop. Well, it's cheaper than Sunraysia's! Though the latter's nicer, of course, duh.

I'm supposed to wake up really early tmr. I dont think I can man. Boo. Monday's Emaths and SS. Wow.

But really. I mean, I dont mind not going for the first three/two/wtvr months. I'm not saying that to "safe face" if I dont get in, so I can be all "But I never intended on going in the first place what.". I mean, I dont mind working, though according to my tution friend, she says it's tiring and not such a good idea, since she has to catch up on quite a bit of work when she does get into a JC. And what with that gap of a few months not studying..

We'll see how it goes? But I really am not ready for prelims. I'm being honest and perhaps cowardly in a way?

I need to sleep. NOWWW. So goodbye! My mulut is the masin-est mouth ever. It's great sometimes. (Mulut means mouth and masin means um. Salty? See you dont get it anyway.)

10:28 PM


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