Red Hot Passion
18 September 2006

Leaving a part of your life behind

So all the major papers are over and done with. Only Lit and Phy/Chem Practical left. I will start browsing through the classified section for jobs. Cos Prelims is really a case of C.M.I. :/

On to happier things in life! Over the weekend, I was feeling all BURH and really, from MTV, I graduated (don't much like that word suddenly) on to the movie channels... And soon. I found myself glued stuck to the frickin' tv watching one show after the other.

Like today. Star Movies... HBO... LOVE.. Never Been Kissed on tonight! Woohoo! :D Drew Barrymore!!! She's a bit like Pink. Not very right. Hahah. Which makes them cool. Cool people like cool people. :P

I remember watching it in the movies years ago when I was only 8 or 9. (Told you I'm cool.) Caught it with my god sis, Kakak Lenny. And I was being such a kid. Lol. It was really right at the last part, in the football stadium, when she was about to kiss her teacher (No no, it's nothing immoral lah. Watch it.) and I really really had to pee.

Since she was pretty much responsible for me, she had to follow me to the toilet and we missed the ending. She was bummmmeddd outttt. Haha.

Anyway, what is it with people these days! I know exams are suddenly *the* most important thing EVERRRR while people are dying and starving out there.. But seriously?! Say obsessed, anyone? You, disgust me. Yay. I hate it when people do that. BECAUSE!! Firstly, hello, permission, you could try asking it, you know? Second, it's MINE! I did it! (Searched for it, whatever.) I'll pass it to whoever I want to! You dont just go "Oh, another two sets auntie".

*rolls eyes*

Okay. I have very little time on my hands. I need to use it well. I need to -for real this time- learn how to manage my time! IF NOT GO JC HOW!

Fairuz and Clara wrote about how we're gna graduate soon. ): Four years. Dont seem all that long. I mean, yeah. I do feel like it's about time to leave Cedar but I love it here! Backstabbing, politics, bitching and all! I do! (It isnt as bad as I make it out to be lah. Haha.) So I said I cant wait to get out of here. But well. I'll miss it. I dont want to stay here forever.

Though I want it to be like Cedar forever! It's my freakin' dream school lah. AND. We totally have the rocking-est uniform ever. In the whole of Singapore! WE DO. :D Although I dont look very nice in it like J and stuff. Haha. But still.

Enough, no more! 'Tis not so sweet now as it was before.

More graduation talk later lah huh. Too sad already already. ): Besides, I contradict myself like crap. No make sense.

Blue&Grey forever,

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