Red Hot Passion
27 September 2006

Oh yeah, they're back alright!

The Idol Finals were a real treat. As in the last one till the O's die for good.

It was at the real last minute that we managed to nab 3 tickets. Cab fair wasnt good. Okay, it was terrible. ): Met a couple of Cedarians there!

We were seated at the Blue House! Wow. Prime seats, yo! :D There were funny, interesting incidents that occured involving the people in front and behind us. Shall spare J the embarrassment.

Speaking of which. Man. I'm on this clumsy streak that I cant seem to get rid off. I tripped over my pants rushing down the stairs down my block cos I was running late (or so I thought cos they were later!). But it was cool, since no one witnessed it. BUT. I tripped again outside the stadium. You'd think I'd get the hint and fold up my pants right, the first time round.

And it was really bad. As in I fell on my knees, scrapped my right knee a little, as well as my toenails! Ugh. Whatever. I need to thicken my skin. Could use good practice. So I got up and pretended nothing happened. It took a lot to not scream and go "OMGOMGOMGOMG. That was shit embarrassing." and go all red.

Maybe I did turn that shade? God I sure hope not.

SO ANYWAY. Yeah it kicked ass. The Top 12 girls did Buttons from PCD for the Preshow. They lipsynced the Medley! Hahah.

I thought Taufik looked real good that night! He's pretty damn hot lah.

Well, Gurmit didnt exactly hold the suspense well? But really. Who cares?! Hady won!!! Woohoo!!! Goooooooo Hady!

Read the papers? I dont much like what was written. It's really annoying and extremely unprofessional. But you know what, I vented enough last night to Dirah, then Niz. (: Girl talks are zeee best! Heh.

After the whole thing, the three of us (Dirah, me, J) met up with Siti, Fatmah, Murny and Sadiq. The two left while the five of us ended up sitting on the curb in the carpark waiting for Aunty Sukma to arrive.

So we were sitting there very unglamly, fanning ourselves cos it was frickin' hot and this huge truck drove by and they shouted "HADY!!!" and waved at us. Instantly, Dirah, Fatmah and I waved back with that goofy smile plastered on our faces. Hahah. Basic instinct maybe?

Fatmah's mum sent me home and I only stepped foot in the house about 11 I think. Sorry Ma.

It was late and the Sister happened to be over. She dragged me over to the study to watch some Norweigian (sp?) horror flick. It was sooo scray I nodded off in 10 minutes. Not unlike that one time at Naz place where Dirah, Naz and I were watching Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock for some English assignment and I kept nodding off.
It's not like it wasnt scary, it probably was. But I was just too tired lah.

PICTURES! Couldnt get any good shots of Hady cos we can only zoom so much.

The lights were pretty cool.

Doesnt Hady look a little like Taufik here?

When Hady was announced the next Singapore Idol. (:

Dirah, Me, J. <3>


That's all good. Great even. What isnt is the fact that we got back four papers today. I have one good news though. For the first time, in my entire four years in Cedar, I passed a Math paper on the freakin' dot. Hurry quick! Bow down! Now! (:

I'm happy. Obviously. Although some think it's pathetic? Or no big a deal since everyone else happened to do so darn well. With MSGs of 1.09 or smth. That's incredible lah. And then there 4c was, with 4.smth.

English was badbadbad. Really disappointed. But hey, better now than later right.

Ss/Geog was terrible. What isnt is the fact that Mrs Lim didnt call me out, or anyone else for that matter. Something about how she promised someone she wouldnt do that this time around.

Malay was funny. Not joke funny, but strange funny. Annoying, expected funny. At least there's still the Olevel results to fall back on.

WHY AM I BEING ALL POSITIVE AND BLIND!? Hello. O's are coming right at cha Huda. Your results were shite. You're not getting into JC with your prelim results.

Maybe it's because of my results that I feel the way I do about it right now, but I hate it. I cannot stand it. I mean, get out of my face, you know? Away. Be gone. Shoo.

Enough with the negativity.

I'll admit. I've been mood swinging about in the house the last couple of days. And the victims are usually my brother or Kieffy cos Koko just knows how to play the card right so she gets away with it.

And what do you know! Kieffy pee-ed on my slippers. My just bought slippers! Sheesh. I'd rather she just jump on my dressing table and mess it up like she usually does than to pee on my slippers! @%!#&^* I get the message cat.


I thought the JC and career talks held over the last two days were pretty good. So for the career talk yesterday, the first one, we had to choose between Medicine, Business or Law. No brainer there for me. (:

Since it was only a small group of us, about say 30, the session held at The Meeting Place went well! Questions were answered truthfully, doubts were cleared.. A great insight really. It was a pretty intimate session, since a lot of interaction was going on. Definitely worthwhile.

The Corporate Comm talk held at the theaterette was woohoo.. sleepy... It was interesting I suppose to a certain extent. But it got cold and comfy.. It was ironic. I mean, the speaker was.. boring! And her line of work.. doesnt really click. Okay shan't be mean. I'm fasting.

So on one of the toilet breaks today (the entire level was basically locked up in the hall checking paper after paper and I was freezing my butt off) bumped into Maziah. So thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much for telling me about it! (:

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"House of Carters"

All hail the Carter Siblings. L-R, BJ, Angel, Aaron, Leslie and Nick! Nick is love. Angel looks pretty different from the last time I saw her in a magazine doing a special interview with Aaron. And that was back in sec one when Jean and I would go crazy over the magazine Popstar. Angel's prettayye. She kinda reminds me of Donatella Versace's grandaughter I saw that one time in that magazine.

I cannot wait. They are so cute. I never knew they've been living separately for ten years already. So yay for Nick who wants to bring the Sibs back together again (and possibly earn some bucks cos both him and Aaron are the producers!).

So after watching their debut episode, I think they're an intense bunch. They all appear really appealing somehow. Leslie's my fav; right after Nick of course. She's really interesting. Like how the other two sisters are kinda against her? And she's a cat person! Which is my kinda person.

Angel and Nick are kind of protective of each other I think. I get that feeling anyway. Really cute.

The show's intense. The word's repeated because it really is! And real, I guess. Though they say it's all real all the time for every single reality show. (Like how the Laguna people only "work" Mon to Thurs) But there's a really real element in the show. Seriously. I'm not just saying that cos I love Nick (to death).

Aiyah and Aaron and that Playboy model, Carrie/Corrie smth decided to call it quits. The proposal was impromptu after all. Boys..

Okay. Enough. Enough about Singapore Idol and the controversies, enough about the prelims, enough about the Carters..

Now, I'm really hungry. It's rumbling like crazy. Like an earthquake's about to come. Lol. But what would I know right? Hahah.

Bye guys. Carter lovin' y'all. <3>

6:08 PM


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