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24 September 2006

Post prelims:Movies+Rachel's 16th

It's been almost a week since I last updated! Wow. I guess alternating between the tv, the bed and reading materials (read: the 10bucks (!) Glamour my sister buys) are much easier options.

Anyway, the prelims are long gone. :D I really dont know why I'm celebrating the way I am. No no, scratch that. I think I know full well why. See, when I get the results, I'm gna be all mopey and all "I might as well just die since I'm sooooo stupid" so might as well be reckless, if you can call it that, and extreme cos the celebrations are short-lived anyway.

No, it's okay. Insecurities come and go. I mean I know I'm not stupid; just doubting myself a little here and there. Nothing severe. (:

So yup. Phy/Chem practical on Thursday was.. interesting to say the least. The paper was soooo draggy. I re-did one test thrice just to kill some time. Well, I sure felt like some silly goon. the teachers kept coming up to me!

Ms Sim came up to me the first time to tell me that a "hard glass tube" is actually just a test tube cos I mistook it for the boiling tube? LOL.

Then, she came up to me again to tell me that I shouldnt bring over the bottles on the side bench to my bench. I'm supposed to just add it there on the spot. Which of course I replied with "But Ms Sim! I bring it over for 10 seconds only! Why cant they wait for 10 seconds!?"

Then, Mr Chia came over to pass me another lighter that actually works after seeing me struggle for like a whole 5 minutes! I couldnt light it, so he came over -again- to help me light the fricking bunsen burner. Three times already!

There wasnt any heating to do next so I switched off the bunsen burner. BUT. There was more heating to be done later! Again I struggled and again he came over to help me light the thing. *sheepish smile* But he was nice about it. I struggled, saw him looking my way so I looked up and gave him a "Please help me" smile. And he laughed silently and came to my rescue. Phew.

Nope, not done yet. Ms Sim came over AGAIN to tell me that I should just leave the bunsen burner alone so I wont waste time lighting and relighting. "But Ms Sim! It's a waste of gas!"

So yeah. That was my practical for ya. A grand total of FIVE times. Man. Gotta be some kinda record.

The lock-in in the hall felt like forever. We were the first shift after all. Whiled away time playing scrabble! I miss this game. There was once, my family got obsessed over it and we'd play it up to three nights a week. Nuts I know.

Diana and I won Fairuz and Liane! Weehah! :D Somebody was being so bitchily mean to me! Like what'd I do!? Lol.

After they (not me) got bored of scrabble, a bunch of us went on to play that game.. what's it called? A member of the Crossword Puzzles family but you have to find the words hidden in that big box of alphabets. It got so crazy we'd make a LOT of noise screaming for light cos we were blocking each other's and "I cannot find any!"s while Gwen does it at the speed of light. She's amazing at it, it's really unbelievable.

Rachel and Jean trooped over. And you know what! I managed to beat Rachel even though Sheena Shitna and whoever else were helping her! Yay. Rachel you suck lah. Lousy!!! I beat Novabelle too! Hahah. But lost to Sheena and Gwen lah.

Killed time by lying about back stage (4c decided to dominate the stage area, before the invasion of that trip science class at least). Listened to music and flipped magazines and slept comfortably with Naz' jacket as a pillow.

After school!!! Dirah, Naz and I headed over to Naz' place. Talking about Jack&Rose in the hall spurred us to rent the DVD! But it was giving us problems with the computer so we ended up watching She's the Man which was not bad at all! I'm not a huge fan of Amanda Bynes really. No particular reason. Just the judgemental side at work here. The whole first-glance-no-chance-dont-like-her thing.

Olivia's really pretty. And whoa. Duke Orsino's body!!! Channing Tatum? Really weird name but really good package so who gives?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Moved on to Titanic since it can be played in the living room since it really was just the computer.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The trademark scene.

Ahhh. God I love this classic! It was really really nice. It's not cheesy okay! It has depth and character! Haha. It's been about eight years since that particular Friday during Violin Class when that P5 girl was telling me how she's watched Titanic five times in the theatre and still wants to watch it some more. Haha.

I'm proud of myself. I didnt cry okay. My eyes were only watery but no tears! It so happened that we rented the "Collector's Edition" so we got to view the deleted scenes too! They shouldn't have deleted some of them but the movie'd never end then right?

Left her place about 10. Had to drop off to take 969 and it so happened that the bus stop I'd have to get off is five minutes away from my sister's place. So I decided to pop by. Ended up staying the night since I was kinda lazy to make my way all the way to Tampines! Though the journey isn't very long.

Caught up a little here and there. Dinner was a small piece of frozen pizza and nougats (her mum just got back from Australia) and a cup of blackcurrent juice. As usual, I camped out in the room in front of the computer watching The OC Season 3 non-stop. Managed to watch till the 11th episode. I mean you know. I continued the next morning too. Not one entire stretch!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sho cute. Ben Mckenzie looks a little weird tho.

Lazed about some more then headed back home at about 12.

I've always been struck by the the stark differences in both our homes. Her's would be all cluttered and messy and mine would be the exact opposite. She would have random (read:spoilt) food in the fridge while mine's decently stocked. I'll always tiptoe when in her kitchen. Hahah. Because it's quite sticky! Like perpetually!

Her room would have this funny smell. A mixture of The Body Shop detangler, her current perfume some Estee Lauder thing, with the not so nice smells of hair products, dirty clothes strewn carelessly all over the floor, cat smell and that old book smell. Which is original I suppose but weird all the same. Lol.

She shoved a whole load of reading materials to me, a stack of overseas magazines (which I love a lot a lot but now I'd rather spend the money on clothes) and a couple of books she suggested I read.

That's the thing about my sister's place. It doesnt run out of things to read. Nice things. Even my brothers have a not bad collection. And also, it doesnt run out of things to watch! They download things by the season so that makes it really convenient for me!

Saturday! Met up with Clara (Lee) at City Hall to just hang out and get Rachel her present! We spent quite a lot of time in Diva looking at all the really pretty accesories! Got this really cool chunky ring from the discount rack. Bought Rach this really pretty necklace (there's only one of it left!) and a pair of gold-ish drop earrings.

Tell you something. I had half a mind to get those stuff for myself! But parted with temptation, I did. (:

Intended to catch a movie. I wanted to watch John Tucker Must Die but she watched it already. And she wanted to catch The Devil Wears Prada but I watched it already. Plus, both of us mind watching the same show again...

So with the Anderson cone of ice cream in hand, we walked about Marina. Somehow, we ended up in Zara. Browsed, tried, paid and headed for Lange Road! Actually no. We coulnt help going into Mango which was just opposite. They have nice shoes! Really nice shoes which cant fit me and cost 125 per pair which is just insane.

-distraction- "GIRL ON TV"!!! Super Primary 3/4! Jennifer Love Hewitt! I've always thought her smile is really nice. Um yeah. I prefer guys? Lol.

Something kinda embarrassing happened. Haha. So anyway, yeah. Got to her place, gave her the presents and made her wear the pretty elegant necklace with the polka dotted shorts Sheena gave her! Haha. *coughs* Her mother said the necklace I bought her "has taste". *waves hand* Sigh. What to do?

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Classy, no?

Watched Just Like Heaven while waiting for everyone else and the caterer to arrive. Jean, Sheena and Danielle planned games which were pretty good actually. Definitely had fun. The Pass the Ice cubes thing required skill and that stupid Clara kept on laughing! But we won anyway!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Rachel turned out damn ugly!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lee and I! <3>


Everybody knows her name wanna take a picture and their glad she came
But I just want to be there when she's down down (Be there when she's down)
I don't want her autograph I just want to call her up and make her laugh
Never had to be on a movie screen to be the leading lady in all my dreams

Shooby doo-wap & Scooby snacks,
Met a fly girl and I can't relax,
the only problem is she's a movie star, Oh, oh,
My friends they won't believe me, If they could only see me
At the risk of sounding cheesy, think I fell for the girl on TV.


Happy Sweet Sixteenth Idiot!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Crae+Zee, always. (:

PS: Do I have a lopsided smile? Cos Sophia keeps on saying so! Actually, looking at these pictures, I do! But it's a bit only what. She made it sound like I looked damn weird! Big mouths=Exaggerated info. :P Heh.

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