Red Hot Passion
28 January 2007

As good as it gets babeh

So apparently, this blog has been more happening since I long (kinda) declared it DEAD. (check out the last post thank you!) Interesting, but anyway, right now, this blogger is residing HERE .

Still deciding whether to shift back to this white page or stick to the black one, cos I managed to get this account to work! Like finally. Friggin irritating man, this Gmail, google business. But hey, it's a-okay with me now. (:

Should I? But I kinda like my current blog. hahah. Weird ass. Getting so wind up bcos of a blog.

Anyhoo, see you people around, yes?

And um, in case of.. whatever really, you can always email me, (dont comment on the email add pls, lol)


6:06 AM


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